School Projects

Whether you are looking for a craft experience to compliment a class project or school theme, pottery painting can be tailor made to enrich your curriculum. Pottery Painting is suitable for all ages and abilities and not only stimulates creativity and imagination skills but promotes mindfulness and is a relaxation tool used in therapeutic play.

Once pieces are finished, Flowerpots will take them away to glaze and fire and return to school for distribution.

Project Ideas:

• Create a mosaic wall of individually designed and decorated tiles 

• Design and produce your own class/school trophies 

• Self Portrait work 

• Major event commemorations (e.g. Remembrance Day) 

• Reward/Incentive programmes  

• Support seasonal events (e.g. Christmas) 

• ‘Paint a Story’ sessions for EYFS children 

• Fundraising events (commission % donated to school) 

• After School Club activity 

• Class Plates/plaques